On Dust and Rovers

I'm Nathan Yan, photographer, engineer, and obsessive travel planner based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Welcome to my website!

I'm a huge photo geek - in a past life I used to teach photography at UC Berkeley, where I created a lecture and lab series that focused on camera systems and the underlying science of taking a photo. I also spent time working as a photojournalist and later Photo Editor at The Daily Californian.

These days I spend most of my time traveling and working on landscapes and astrophotography (a relatively new field that has come into its own in the age of high-performance digital sensors). When I'm not out shooting I'm meticulously scouting out upcoming locations via Google Earth, or trying in vain to make up ground on the several unedited terabytes of files on my backlog.

Looking to collaborate?

I'm currently taking some time away from engineering life to roam the world and see it all before old age or global warming or the autonomous photo-drones finally catch up to me.

I've usually got something brewing and am always enthusiastic about signing up for other people's adventures. Feel free to follow and message me and we can chat about travel plans, camera gear, or processing techniques.

"The Dusty Rover"?

Born too late to explore the Earth.

Born too soon to explore the Galaxy.

Born just in time for XKCD.