Viewing everything in yosemite

  1. Lower Cathedral in Early Summer

    On my fourth attempt to Upper Cathedral Lake, our group was making good time and I decided to visit a viewpoint for Lower Cathedral Lake on the northwest side that I first visited three years ago. I didn't remember it looking like much, but we needed to kill some time before sunset (and get away from the lakeside mosquitos).

    We emerged at the top of the ledge to this breath-taking sight. It was the perfect blend of partly cloudy near-sunset, the sloping granite, and meandering streams intertwining across the fresh green meadows of early summer.


  2. Your First Favorite Photo

    These days a lot of my old portfolio has been pushed out by stuff from the last couple of years, especially as I've started a more remote work style. It's not unexpected - you refine your technique, develop a more specific editorial taste, and have some…


  3. Horsetail through the Mist

    The mostly non-existent Horestail firefalls after California's first drought winter of 2012.


  4. The Moonbow of Yosemite Falls

    Like many of Yosemite's mystical sights, the Moonbow of Yosemite Falls makes its appearance just once a year when the falls flow with the summer snowmelt and a full moon at just the right angle to refract a rainbow across the mist.


  5. Bridalveil Falls

    The last great winter in Yosemite - we headed out for a Moonbow attempt in May and actually encountered snow out at Tunnel View. Bridalveil Falls emerging from the mist was one of the most stunning sights to behold.